Artist Anne Sabri


Anne Sabri

I came to USA from England with my husband in 1980. After a busy career as a registered nurse in UK and the Middle east, I was able to pursue my interest in painting and drawing, auditing classes in design, life drawing, colour theory, and later Art History. Also I attended many workshops with nationally known artists including Wolf Khan, Fran Web and Judy Betts and many others.

My subjects are varied depending on what intrigues me at the time, but it is always the light and shapes that inspire me. Now I am painting in watercolour, which was my first love, but this can always change.

The beautiful scenery of our mountain area is an inspiration. I enjoy visiting the great art museums of the world both in USA and Europe as a learning and spirit enriching experience. I also like to composing paintings from my imagination and memories of things seen and remembered.